Q: We have a day that will require a large amount of extras. Can you supply appropriate craft service refreshments?

A: Yes, we can extend out the craft service table you already have on large call days for larger crews, or when background/extras are called in and are not subject to a separate holding area. Alternatively, we can provide a separate background crafty setup for a reduced cost. 

Q: We would like to pay special attention to the talent attached to our project. Can you supply refreshments to talent & producer trailers?

A: Yes, we can provide gourmet baskets and premium coffee/tea service for your talent/VIP trailers. We can also fulfill (within reason, of course) any ‘riders or special requests’ for talent and VIPs to accommodate their needs.

Q: What geographical areas do you cover?

A: The rates published on the KnK website are for the TMZ (Studio Zone) only. Standard mileage rates will apply if outside the zone and lodging/per diems may be required (depending on location). Out of town projects will require our FULL SERVICE only, available for $475 / labor (per day) and $100 / prep fee (per day). Please contact client services to discuss budgets and scheduling for out of town projects.

Q: Do you provide tables, coolers and trash cans?

A: Yes, we bring all necessary equipment required for our setup. Please refer to the Rentals tab in Services if you would like to rent any equipment.