KIT & KABOODLE was founded with this goal in mind: to provide a cost effective and all inclusive food service to a health-conscious, dynamic production industry.

Mission Statement

  • Listen to our production clients requests – Fill them if they aren’t absolutely ridiculous.
  • Keep crafty and catering services easy.  Producers are busy – make one call do it all.
  • Services must be cost-effective – Be known as the “Go-To” for craft service and production catering.
  • Make it self-managing – Producers know that FOOD is the key to a productive and happy cast & crew – provide their important production with clean and safe professional equipment and delightful and appealing food selections.

Our Services

We offer the following services:

  • KIT – Equipment rentals available for FULL SERVE and DROP OFF crafty
  • DROP OFF KABOODLE Delivered daily to your set.
  • FULL SERVICE KABOODLE- Includes full time, on-site attendant.
  • CATERING – Provides hot breakfast, lunch, dinner and second meals.

Giving Back

Kit and Kaboodle is proud to be serving coffee roasted by Veteran Coffee Roasters, where the coffee is conceived by veterans, roasted by veterans and promoted by veterans. Currently proceeds are going to Operation Stand Down, whose mission is to honor and empower Veterans. They are also working with Dare to Dream Ranch, who have had success with returning veterans suffering from PTSD through equine therapy