Kit & Kaboodle offers a full range of services including:

Full Service Kaboodle

Spoil your cast/crew with the attention of an all-day, on-site, full-service attendant.  Our experienced professional will maintain your crafty table with delectable goodies and fun, healthy menu choices.   


Package A: $13/per person 


This package is intended to provide a great variety of craft service on a budget. Items will vary daily.

  • Gourmet Coffee/Tea Service
  • Assorted Sodas/Still & Sparkling Water/Hydration Drinks/Juices
  • Assortment of Craft Service Goodies

Package B: $17/per person 

  • Gourmet Coffee/Tea Service
  • Assorted Sodas/Still & Sparkling Water/Hydration Drinks/Juices
  • Excellent Craft Service Goodie Assortment

Full Service Attendant:  $475/day (Outside TMZ rate is $550 per day)

Prep Fee:  $300/day

Delivery Fee: $150/day  (Outside TMZ rate is $250/day, *Add’l mileage may apply)

Kit Rental (Equipment): $150/day (Rates may vary based on setup)


Drop Off Service

Our DROP OFF KABOODLE package is available on long term projects with small crews (25-40 people) and is a convenient way to provide a wide selection of refreshments to a hungry cast & crew every day.  The KABOODLE comes with coffee/beverage service and a variety of snacks appropriate for all day snacking!  Our two levels of menu items meet all budgets and cast/crew preferences.  The KABOODLE also comes daily with an assortment of baskets and snack containers to keep the table looking fresh.

How it works

You email your call sheet the day before

We arrive with all the goodies at our call time and set it all up for the day. We promise to provide a wide variety of grab and go snacks to keep your crew fueled for the long workday. 

We pick up empty bins and containers when we deliver the new ones the next morning

It’s that SIMPLE!


Package A: $14/per person 

  • Gourmet Coffee/Tea Service
  • Assorted Sodas/Still & Sparkling Water/Hydration Drinks
  • Assortment of Craft Service Goodies

Package B: $17/per person 

  • Gourmet Coffee/Tea Service
  • Assorted Sodas/Water/Hydration Drinks
  • Awesome Assortment of Craft Service Goodies

For DROP OFF service, a $300 prep fee, $150 drop/setup fee and $150 kit rental fee will apply (per day)

*Mileage Fee May Apply


Talent Trailers

Let us stock your talent & producer trailers with gourmet baskets filled with goodies. Fresh fruit, bottled water, and an assortment of healthy snacks to keep them fueled throughout the day. (We can also fulfill talent riders – additional fees may apply)

Gourmet coffee and tea service, including all necessary condiments. 


Talent Kaboodle Baskets with Gourmet Coffee/Tea Service – $100 / day  (includes prep fee)

*For talent riders, extra fees may apply.

Buffet Style Service For Breakfast, Lunch or Second Meal

Please contact us regarding rates, menus, dietary restrictions or preferences.

Serving tables provided. **Please let us know if you would like to rent tables, chairs, tents, pop-ups for lunch, and check out our “Rentals” tab below additional items.

Equipment “The Kit”

The KIT comes with all the equipment you need to set up craft service INCLUDING: folding tables, commercial coffee makers & kettle, ice chests, beverage dispensers, trays & baskets, serving utensils and more.

KIT includes tables, beverage servers, coolers, baskets, bowls, serving utensils, etc.

$150.00 per day

*Mileage fees may apply for delivery outside TMZ


Airpots and kettle for hot water

Baskets, Assorted

Beverage Dispensers, Cold

Beverage Dispenser, Hot


Bowls Serving, Assorted

Coffee Maker (Commercial)

Containers, Novelty

Cutting Board

Dispenser, Napkin


First Aid Kit (Basic)

Griddle/Toaster oven

Ice Chests, Large/Medium/Small

10 x 10 White canvas popups

13 gallon Trash Cans

Assorted trays

Assorted serving utensils



Please inquire with Customer Services regarding your rental needs!

*Mileage fees may apply for outside TMZ delivery

Deposits and Refunds

A 50% deposit may be required to hold equipment and labor for designated project dates.  The balance is due at our first call.