We are following all CDC guidelines for updates regarding Covid-19.


We will be providing Full-Serve and Drop Crafty, until further notice.

Our attendant(s) will adhere to CDC, as well as onsite HSU/CCO guidelines

We will provide pre-packaged snacks only, no cooking onsite until further notice.

Full Service: Snacks will be displayed (concession style) on tables behind the attendant(s) or behind a barrier.

Full Service: Drinks and full coffee/tea service will also be provided by the attendant(s), concession style.

There will be a sanitizing station provided for crew on tables in front of the attendant(s).


Buffet meals will be no touch cafeteria style service; point at what you’d like and we will plate it on crew’s behalf. Alternatively, we can provide pre-boxed meals

All boxed meals will be served in sealable containers with cutlery packets and handed out by a designated personnel only.

Full Service: Drinks will be dispensed by our attendant(s) only.